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Paul Lindner

Social Search Part 1 - Connect All the Accounts

3 min read

Do you create content on the web?  Do you want to make that content eligible for inclusion in Google's new social search?  Of course you do! 

Read on for the first part in my series of tips and tricks on how to make social search work better for your content.

1: Connect All the Accounts.

Social search uses your Google identity plus your extended social graph to help you find personalized content.  The extended social graph is found via links everyone adds to their Google+ profile.  More links means more personalized data.

Connect and Verify the accounts you use across the web on the Connected Accounts settings page.  Then add these and other profile links on your Google+ profile.  Remember to add links to accounts across the web, places where you actually create content: your postings, comments, photos, videos and so on.

The best results come from two-way links so consider adding links back to your Google+ profile.  For best results paste in your Google+ profile and remove the /u/# and suffixes.  Your profile link should look like this:

I recently added links to my Google+ profile on these sites. I've included the direct link so you can too.  I'd love to know about more, just leave the site name and link in the comments!

And for those of you self-hosting your own blog or site you can manually put a link back to your Google+ profile by editing your HTML markup to include a link to your Google+ profile.  Here's a simple example:

   <a rel="me" href="">

    My Google+ Profile


The important part is the rel="me"  That tells Google that the linked page is your profile.

That wraps it up for Part 1 -- stay tuned for Part 2 where I go over how to mark up authorship for your content!  Thanks for plussing!