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Arrived Sydney, Australia.

Smells like wild fires.


Checked into Google Sydney Office

G'day!  First time in Australia


@anildash Maybe we need to think about non-monetary penalties? Ceding patent or copyright protections, a ban on government contracting or ejection from the H1-B program might actually shift behavior...


How long before Javascript starts looking like Perl?


General Intellect Unit's tweet

General Intellect Unit's tweet


Press '+' to Pay Respects

Goodbye Google+, thanks for trailblazing tech, good times and connections made.

Please donate to @internetarchive to support the upkeep of the (finally real) Google+ Ghost Town.


@TomRLancaster Add Ghostery as well? Of course to visualize all the trackers these days would require VR. Just imagine if each web page was surrounded by tracker-avatars taking notes.


@edrex maybe IA should use uBlock Origin like everyone else does... Trackers can die, but Ads are actually cultural significant and we should preserve them as they say a lot about society..


""What we found was that the majority of news outlets had not given any thought to even basic strategies for preserving their digital content, and not one was properly saving a holistic record of what it produces.""


@piccolbo I actually _write_ all my content using self-hosted techniques these days. I was just curious if actual authors feel that Medium is something that benefits them; if so I'd pay to help support good writing.


Moved my G+ following graph to Twitter more or less..

Wrote a hacky script to grab twitter URLs using the Google People API. Fed that into a web page with follow widgets

Hope to find more folks in the Fediverse


Happy to see Uranium Club show up on @resonatecoop this morning.

Always nice to see good stuff come out of Minneapolis.


@crulge a whitepaper by @humanvsdigital uses the Viable Systems Model to tackle health care issues. Beer would approve...


@edsu try the usenet historical archive. I think you'll find what you want here: