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Social Distancing

Hey kids, this is what live music was like back before the pandemic.


Hip hop

Saw Gza and Nur-d this weekend. Old school and new school. Gza is of course a legend and is also doing a Science series on Netflix. Nur-d was the headliner at the 2019 best new bands show. Weaves in the nerd culture in a very joyful way. Superb entertainer and you'll probably be seeing more of him..


Mich Gerber

Got into MIch back in the late 90s. Fantastic performer and does things with a double bass that you would not think possible.

If you're in Switzerland I highly recommend checking out the Sadly it won't be with Imogen Heap like this clip, but it will be very, very good.


Here's my bittersweet for the week.

This reproduces a mixtape from the early 80s. I took some liberty of substituting some live performances of the Suburbs; which is another only-on-Youtube thing...