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Uncharted Territory

... wherein I embrace the unknown future

I'm part of the April 2024 Core employees Google decided to part ways with. I'm taking this opportunity to take stock, embrace my purpose and chart a new path in these uncertain times.

To say that we're at a crossroads is an understatement. Cherished ecosystems are threatened. The Web itself has an uncertain future as it's moved from a global library of knowledge to an app/ads delivery channel. Open Source faces funding pressure and uncertainty about viable business models. Knowledge itself has become fluid and commodified as it's fed to global AI models. Even the once resilient systems that power society are at risk from demagogues and ill-conceived technological mediation. [*]

Yet, amidst this upheaval I see opportunity. I have a chance to embrace this uncertain future and add another technological impact to my life story.

While I'm exploring impactful possibilities within Google until June 24th I'm confident my skills can make a positive impact in many places. The world needs solutions and I'm determined to contribute to a better future!

If this resonates reach out and let's see what's possible!




New Adventures await!

My role was eliminated at Google and I have 60 days to find a new one or find a new adventure! I'm confident I'll find something new and exciting and this isn't the first time surviving this situation (the post 9-11 downturn was really scary). So do reach out if you're interested in what I have to offer. If you've been impacted, I'm also happy to offer pep talks


Another year younger and my best birthday ever (so far)!

The path forward never looked so good!


Another year younger and my best birthday ever (so far)!

The path forward never looked so good!

A whole year of my life with the ever talented and beautiful @ninersj789 - what a joy! She is the best partner and wife I could ever imagine!!! And then... an actual birthday party for both of us and @amandamnevarez ? Inconceivable?! A whole birthday weekend of dancing, friends and good times with Art Cars in the Desert at @teleportartcarfestival? With a pirate ship by So. Much. Fun.

And of course there was Cake, and Audrey, and we started off with the @broken_compass_tiki and a fun play with Josh, Jenny, and @phylistine.etienne

The one thing I know is that things keep getting better and better. My love for Janine grows stronger and deeper; I'm becoming a better parent; I feel loved and supported by friends and community in a way I never felt before. I feel up to life's challenges!!

Thank you to everyone that wished me well for my birthday and appreciate me. I am so grateful to be on this journey with you all!!


It's interesting that this article didn't mention Gopher, which was developed at the University of Minnesota. Jean Amour Polly would have definitely known about it, as back then the Gopher Team was all about creating Digital Libraries.

And Mark McCahill was a ardent Windsurfer, which resulted in this shirt, designed by his partner Wendy Jedeckila, way back in 1991!


Lol, with my 5th dose I hit the Trifecta of Covid shots: Moderna, Pfizer and J&J



Janine, Gus, Audrey and Me

Janine, Gus, Audrey and Me

My Happy Family!



Achivement Unlocked: Got mistaken for Danny Elfman!


Neotropolis 2023

Neotropolis 2023

Cyberpunk Neotropolis 2023, with Google Glass and my fiancé J9 was fantastic.  Used my non-implant Google Glass to capture many visual bits!


Leaving Montclair...

So many memories at 2 Saroni Court. The location, house, and neighbors were spectacular. But now I'm creating an amazing new life in Burbank, so I hope the next family enjoys this gem!


Thanks for supporting all these years! Twitter has ceased to be a platform I really interact with. It had a good run... Here's to a federated future!





The 1st of the month is always a day for transformations with my forever love Janine!


History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme! Deb Schultz lays it out...


Valentine's Love

Valentine's Love
Valentine's Love
Valentine's Love
Valentine's Love
Valentine's Love
Thank you to my fiancé Janine for helping me find and experience a love that is so intense, varied, strong and enduring! I cherish and celebrate you today and every day forever more!
I am feeling ecstatic, loved and in awe of your deep mind, endless beauty and kind soul! Together we'll dance and explore the rest of our lives!
I love you!!!



When you know, you know! Engaged and we just moved to Burbank! Come find us!



New Years Love

New Years Love
To my love Janine:
3 infinite months, my world transformed;
a year ahead, bursting with possibilities, fresh and new;
a kiss, commitment and undying love, we thrive!
a lifetime of synchronized breaths and waking together.

One of my 2023 Resolutions is to embrace change. I love how the Year in Search video captures the sentiment!



Sometimes love finds you in unexpected ways and places.

When I met Janine at Wasteland Weekend I knew we'd be friends forever.  We quickly found that we have amazing connection, attraction and chemistry.  Our love blossomed slowly, then quickly with an intensity that takes my breath away.  The last couple months have felt like years!

I feel so lucky to have Janine as my devoted friend, partner, lover and companion.  I'm excited for you all to see her kind spirit, stylish charm, deep mind and playful curiosity.  I love her!

With her I am loved, valued and appreciated for me, just as I am and I am able to embrace and experience the present moment, embracing an amazing and exciting future!

Paul and J9





After months of waiting and a customs seizure my Flipper has arrived! Let the RF hacks begin!




Sooo much happiness the past two months.  Passionately embracing the amazing future!


Enjoyed this Atlantic article by Kaitlyn Tiffany that teases apart from the movement. And great to see Mai Sutton, Compost and Danny O'Brien get some space!

// @TheAtlantic @kait_tiffany @maira @COMPOSTmag @mala @GETDWeb


Dirt Blading!

Dirt Blading!

I'm back from dirt blading at @wastelandhq  Thanks to @mullingitover for capturing this special moment!

Also on Instagram


This totally feels like a Web 1.0 playlist!

Mars FM was a short lived LA radio station I just learned about. Those beats.. they are biiig


A thoughtful @longnow session happening now...


Love this thoughtful article on roofshots vs moonshots:

The trick is to make incremental possible and easy, but also allowing for new forms of "fitness" that don't suffer from the "faster horses" or "no wireless, less space than a nomad, lame" response.


@lindner Then a quick run back to Los Angeles for what looks to be an amazing Event with @doctorow

I think this guarantees I'll be thoroughly ded by the time I make it to @wastelandhq :-D


@lindner Then it's off to Bar Sinister to meet up with Neotroplis/Wasteland folks! The next morning? Atwater Farmer's Market. Then off to San Diego for everyone's favorite night out Blue Monday


@lindner get out to see Mirrored Fatality's intense show at Queerspace tonight at the Zebulon!


My journey to @wastelandhq begins!

Transiting LA/San Diego and parts in between. HMU!


a tweet


Here are some thoughts on Decentralized Web Camp 2022

It was a magical time, so many good connections. A fertile ground where seeds can grow.


Decentralized Web Camp 2022

Once upon a time in a Mendocino Redwood Forest a slice of humanity decided to camp together and find ways to make technology work better for people.  I had the good fortune to thrive and soak in this environment.

I sponsored this (and past) conferences because I believe that a better future will emerge from global visionaries teamed up with builders.  These are the seeds that will yield results months and years from now.

To my surpise, some seeds have sprouted!  It was a few years ago when I drug Nathan Schneider to the Internet Archive.  I saw a direct connection between cooperatives and decentralization.   Today the concept of "exit to community" is real, and Nathan is talking policy with luminaries like Lawrence Lessig.

Another seedling is Resonate Cooperative.  This plucky music streaming service has evolved since my first involvement in 2016 and now has some serious support from Cooperative Jackson alums.  Rich and Brandon are great stewards, and they made connections that will prove valuable in the future!

The People

Many past connections were renewed and strengthened over a meal or s'mores.  Wendy, Brewster, Brian, Nick, Christina, Mai, Joahchim, Primavera, Liz, Danny, Jay, Emily, Tracey, Ross -- you are all incredible people.  And here's to the many new connections, too many to mention.  I connected with my Weaver group, the Mesh team, Amber, Jack, Christine, Lia, Koh, Jessy, and a bunch more.  So many fantastic connections, in many beautiful liminal spaces including the 10ft fire pit, 24/7 Coffee, Hackers Movies, Dancing to DJ sets, button making, hikes among the trees and stargazing.

Sessions and More

While not congregating there were all sorts of great ways to converge on the important topics of decentralization.   I have most of what I attended on my schedule, but here's some highlights to give you a taste.

Hack. the. Planet

My portable projector, glo-totems and movie screen allowed me to introduce the classic movie Hackers to many.


Each attendee was asked to give two books and take two books from the library.  This was brilliant.  I took a photo of all the books and have an instant reading list for the next year and beyond.

Interplanetary Timekeeping

A fascinating session about governing a timekeeping system on the moon and beyond presented by Jessy Kate Schingler.

Systems Mapping Governance

Christina Bowen, the master of visualizing complex systems and stock and flow diagrams made this into a rich dive into how systems interact on multiple days.  I spent a lot of time in these sessions and am so glad I did!

A Governance Layer for the Internet / the Four Forces that Regulate the Internet

The first of this three-day set of sessions went deep with some great thinkers and participation of the entire group.  It's hard to summarize this, it went to many places.  But I believe that the focus on turning the abstract into reality was there.

Lawrence Lessig also presented the Four Forces which will be familiar to anyone that's read his books.  It was a good way to see things direct from his perspective.

Solidarity in practice: The story of Digital Democracy and Mapeo

It was refreshing to see a fully realized decentralized, offline first application used to help the people of the Amazon realize their own rights and express use technology for their local needs.  We need more Mapeos!

Peer Based Social Science in the Wild

Zarinah Agnew and Jessy Kate Schingler had us all survey ourselves about self-governance and allowed us to experience ethnographic research directly.  I have my 'token' of completion allowing me to interact with the DAO.  Understanding what people need and how they interact is key to finding systems that work for the most people.

Bad Apple

Lisa Rein from the Aaron Schwartz project showed how you can build a system to process internal police public records to keep communities safer.

Proof Mode

Jack Fox was on hand to present Proof Mode and described how this mechanism for turning photos into signed evidence was used by activists in the rainforest to provide irrefutable proof that they live in the areas slated for oil exploration.  It was inspiring to see math and technology aimed at a specific, on the ground problem.

Policy, Governments and Tornado Cash

Koh, Danny O'Brien and some others took advantage of the free time to set up a super engaging conversation about how deentralization intersects with government policy.  Many of us (myself included) had discussed much of the same at DEFCON 30 a few weeks prior.  I was able to contribute a little bit to the discussion.  The conversation flowed quickly and I think that some good ideas about using norms and industry coordination to address these issues may prove fruitful.  I'm excited to see the followup from the connections made at this event that emerged from the soup!

Connecting with the Earth and Indigenous Practices

Connecting the decentralization movement with indigenous practices and rights was a joy to behold.   I appreciated the speakers on the topics and the conversations with many of the Dweb fellows from around the world.  Remembering that technology connects with the earth was a good reminder that we are stewards of the land and the technology ecosystems.  For the water ceremony I brought Oakland condensed fog.

Art Art and more Art!

Typewriter Tarts had an installation in the library that was amazing!  I hope I can help them get some of their work published.  The Name-tag/Button making station was amazing, magazines were provided to cut and paste into your own individual creation.  Sessions on how Art can intersect with Decentralized Services were plenty.  I attended a good breakout with Barry Thew from Gray Area and Victoria Ivanova who guided us through thinking about how art and technology might evolve in the current environment and what needs to change.  As usual the participants came up with a plethora of ideas.  I hope to see some of this published soon!



And just like that it was over.  Due to a conflicting schedule I had to skip the last day.  I had breakfast, packed up my projector and said my goodbyes.  I'm already planning for a Brazil version and for 2023, and hope to see the garden grow from the seeds planted here.   It was a magical time and brought back memories of early Gopher conferences and other early formative Internet events.  May the ripples spread out and become waves!



Decentralized Web Camp ripples are starting to be felt. And wow, some Jaiku nostalgia..


What if Scooby Doo and Rocky Horror had a baby?


Thank you @cannibal for capturing this special @defcon moment! ❤️❤️


Fearless Flyer!

Fearless Flyer!

This newfangled edition of the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer is siiiick.


@JimGalasyn wow. Gonna start a label named "undefined" and take royalty credit for the bad data they're likely sending to the rights exchanges :-D


Playa bound in a month and a half! Feeling amazing sense of gratitude for finding an amazing group of people to create adventuresome quests. If you contribute to our fundraiser I will supply you with rare artifacts from this journey!


Wait, *that* Forest Green? from the movie Groove? Finally connecting those dots. And yes, it bangs!



Expirable NFTs ,circa 2006.

I remember that dead roses were a popular, gothy choice :-D



R is for Rave!

How was I not aware of the Toytown Techno genre before?


This expression of pure joy in motion was just what I needed to hear and feel this morning!

Thank you @domwhiting and your crew!


that parking tickets for Los Angeles City and County are disjoint but look EXACTLY THE SAME. Ha two tickets the same day. Accidentally contested the wrong citation. Ooops!


For those that want to review the post-9/11 tech downturn and not finding them on the Wayback machine here's where the FC Archives ended up.