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@SanctionInc @adamcurry Adam Curry has been replaced with a NodeJS server.


Authors: would you recommend Medium membership for someone that wants to support good writing? Any alternatives? As always concerned that Medium took $132m in venture funding that will have to be paid...


The book is out, and very very good. A must read. If you have more time than money I have some paid-for Play Books gifts I can give. DM me.


Buy your copy of Ted Nelson's "Computer Lib/Dream Machines" while you can.


Team Human is out today


@anildash IIRC Livejournal was acquired for growth/tech potential. The GPL code and ana/cutter userbase was problematic. Vox was the clean room implementation.

At the time Technorati's top 3 were Blogger/LJ,/6a...


Glad that we can add more people to the Matrix ecosystem! Especially people that also use and Known (There are dozens of us!)


Replied to a post on :

If you really want to play games with the algorithms change your locale from en-US to en-GB. You'll soon be getting Royals, FIFA and Daily Mail clickbait.


Native Ads in your News Feed Circa 1903

Native Ads in your News Feed Circa 1903

From the January 15th,1903 edition of the Hendricks Pioneer.


Only 1 week left to enjoy Youtube Annotated videos...


"Known Issues"

"Known Issues"

I'm saving this for the next time someone suggests creating a support/help doc instead of fixing the actual problem...

You can find this engraved sign in the Shreve Jewelry Store elevator in San Francisco.  It says:


I asked the staff about it.  They said that fixing the light would require replacing the entire panel. But that would trigger a building-code upgrade for the whole elevator system.  Total cost?  $80,000.

Cost of sign?  $3


Indeed, VRML was a thing.. I went into my email archives since I was active in that community working on GopherVR back then. Mark thought the vrml newsgroup should be comp.infosystems.www.vrml. I was convinced that VRML was much more than that and suggested it really really should be comp.infosystems.vrml (a top-level thing..)


"Without the efforts of the workers the company would not have value so the idea that the workers and owners ought to be the same cohort has a great deal of attraction."


Finally! a way to re-platform your Google+ data before the April 2019 shutdown. exports to Wordpress, Blogger and other places. Hoping that this allows for communities to transition to new hosting or for individuals to go