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Another year younger and my best birthday ever (so far)!

The path forward never looked so good!

A whole year of my life with the ever talented and beautiful @ninersj789 - what a joy! She is the best partner and wife I could ever imagine!!! And then... an actual birthday party for both of us and @amandamnevarez ? Inconceivable?! A whole birthday weekend of dancing, friends and good times with Art Cars in the Desert at @teleportartcarfestival? With a pirate ship by So. Much. Fun.

And of course there was Cake, and Audrey, and we started off with the @broken_compass_tiki and a fun play with Josh, Jenny, and @phylistine.etienne

The one thing I know is that things keep getting better and better. My love for Janine grows stronger and deeper; I'm becoming a better parent; I feel loved and supported by friends and community in a way I never felt before. I feel up to life's challenges!!

Thank you to everyone that wished me well for my birthday and appreciate me. I am so grateful to be on this journey with you all!!