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This expression of pure joy in motion was just what I needed to hear and feel this morning!

Thank you @domwhiting and your crew!


that parking tickets for Los Angeles City and County are disjoint but look EXACTLY THE SAME. Ha two tickets the same day. Accidentally contested the wrong citation. Ooops!


For those that want to review the post-9/11 tech downturn and not finding them on the Wayback machine here's where the FC Archives ended up.




What do you call a group of confused deputies? Asking for a friend.


Traveled to the dystopia cyberpunk future where I jacked in my Google Glass and was able to stay in the moment and in character. So many magical moments.


Want all the TikTok videos?

1. Go to profile. Scroll to bottom
2. Open web console.
3. Execute this Javascript, replacing USER
x=''; document.querySelectorAll("a[href^=https\\:\\/\\/www\\.tiktok\\.com\\/\\@USER").forEach( e=> {x = x+ e.getAttribute("href") + ' '}); copy(x)
4. Open a command shell
5. Enter yt-dlp on the command line and paste the URLs from step 3!


Hacker News Ingested

Here's some q&d scripting to pull your comments into a bunch of shpub commands. You'll need to edit some of the quoting, but it works well!

curl |jq > hackernews-plindner-threads.json
cat hackernews-plindner-threads.json | jq -r '.items[]| "shpub note --html --syndication=" + .url + " --published=" + .date_published + " --name=\"" + .title + "\" - <<EOF\n" + .content_html + "\nEOF\n\n"'



September 2021 reminder that I'm not a German Politician!

If I was I'd be way more in line with @dielinke

cc: @Lance78W @Glossa_Austria @ThomasSigmund @chris_breu @loves_Nina @FrauMeyer1 @wegeheld @DavidSittler @HartmutVoigt @LostinEU @tantepiep


If you want to do something about the situation in Texas, folks on the ground seem to be suggesting donating to @TEAFund


Thinking I should schedule time in my calendar to close tabs...


Recasting Algorithmic bias as security vulnerabilities with specific harms and a bug bounty is brilliant! Now I want a "Project Zero" team to go out and find these.


I love this. Google should offer similar bounties. And can we please spin up a Project Zero for AI Bias while we're at it?!



People of Hackers.Town, are you going to in-person DEFCON this year? [Yes] [No] [Maybe]

I'm worried about the Delta variant despite the measures taken by the conference. Vegas is known for high-risk behavior and there are reports of vaccinated people coming down with Covid.



See you at IRL Cyberdelia in September.


Great opportunity to hear Nathan Schneider talk about the intersection of cooperatives and technology at the Decentralized Web Meetup this Wednesday.

cc @ntnsndr @internetarchive


It really feels like we're waking from the liminal dream state now. So much latent energy, ready to rush forth, ready for new possibilities.


Remember when @amazon Delivered Dance and DJ

This email from 9-9-99 by @mikemcgonigal is nothing like what you'd see today. I remember @ezrakilty mentioning that he worked with @djkevincole in those early days!


Don't let the relief of a guilty verdict stop the march towards systemic change.


Much thanks to the fine folks on /r/LongBeach

It's the internet doing what it does best.


Caffleine has departed... Google is a lesser place


Lunch Ninja is still a thing..

Have had 2 so far, would recommend...


Can't believe that Google Photos still does not have a way to find photos without location/face tags. :(

You'd think we'd want this for better quality data as inputs.. People are motivated to add this data to get better maps/timelines... for context..


Through some intermediaries I'm trying to help a Saudi get access to her Google accounts. It's difficult since she was jailed and tortured for three years, doesn't have access to the recovery email address or phone numbers.

Sadly the Account Recovery process is proving to be its own form of pain.

If anyone wants to further escalate case 2-0838000031065 I'd really appreciate it.. I've gone back and forth for a few days already on this.

Apparently Twitter was very proactive about getting her back on. I'd love for us to outperform their customer service!!!!!


What is this now? I just received a sketchy invite to my corp. address.. Hmm, the dark patterns are at play...


FiraCode + Ligatures -- so nice!

Better late than never I suppose :)


I'm in Dallas for a few weeks. If there are any Googlers that want to say hi in a socially distant way I'm up for it!


I have a chromebook with a noisy fan, so it sounds like a truck engine..

Actually kind of fun as the fan revs and slows. Launching gmail is like pressing down on the gas pedal hard :-D




Me building stuff with parts I find in google3...


A must watch documentary on voting rights now on Prime Video. Was lucky enough to see this at the Drive in a couple weeks back.

cc @westwinddrivein @primevideo


Please help a good friend give their little fella a life saving surgery. I'll match any contributions.


Used my WFH budget to buy a 500W/520Wh battery pack.... (I already have solar panels with bypass circuit to recharge..)



@lipsandskin Can someone tell me if this is the right way to summon the correct lindner? Bonus points if it sounds like you're summoning a demon =)

Heraufbeschwören den @c_lindner


Product Idea: Terraform for Teams using Google Calendar/GSuite.

Just let me put agendas and crontab lines in a text file and have it drive the whole thing. Right now it's all pointy-clicky and there's no way to rollback in a coordinated way.

Also would make it soooo easy to split a team into two or clone a team...


For those that haven't spent their 000 WFH budget.


Guessing that lithold will be with me a while longer...


The known site I'm posting this from is finally back up after a few hours of fighting with podman networking, nftables and mysql unicode collation.


Income targeting seems.. problematic on a number of levels given the distribution of income by ethnicity and gender.. I probably don't want to know how we calculate rich vs poor traffic.


Can't seem to find a way to get Desktop PWAs to work on a new laptop..

Currents/G+ isn't offering an install option and the PWA Anywhere app isn't really doing it's thing.

I seemed to have gotten some entries created but clicking on them opens a tab. Then I can go to the triple dot menu and click 'Open in Gmail' and the application window opens.


Sorry Chromebook, your screen lock timeout is way too short...


"Police Reform" is the new "Cage Free Eggs"

We don't need more humane oppression. Replace the system with one that is focused solving on human needs, not in reinforcing broken organizations.


Google could refuse to work with Law Enforcement Agencies until they clean up their act. Minimum legal effort and that's it.

Not doing so puts people at risk.

Our time and assistance is valuable and a privilege so we should prioritize good actors over bad.


"The Purpose of a System is What it Does"

Change, or replace, the system to get better outcomes.


Finally solved a really weird network issue on my home network.

Multiple interfaces with different firewall rules on the same wire cause great confusion, but a few sysctl entries fix it.