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Greetings from Delivers Dance and DJ Editor, Mike McGonigal FEATURED IN THIS E-MAIL: * Word for Word: Basement Jaxx * New and Notable: Tricky, Lamb, Bows, Lords of Acid, Wiseguys, and Filter * Funky French Techno and House * Our Customers Recommend: Morcheeba's "Big Calm" * Hot Imports * Editor's Choice: Air's "Premeris Symptomes" * Free Digital Downloads: War and Soma Sonic WORD FOR WORD: BASEMENT JAXX **************************** "If you get everything too synched into the computers, you end up making something intellectually perfect, but music is about the expression and feeling." --Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx Read more of's interview with Basement Jaxx's Buxton at NEW AND NOTABLE *************** "Juxtapose" Tricky Trip-hop originator Tricky is a talented iconoclast whose records are never the same twice, although each bear the unmistakable tattoo of his dark, laconic sound. "Juxtapose" is a case in point, with its obsessively druggy, pornographic rapping atop downtempo, atmospheric sounds and shuffling beats. Is Tricky the 1990s' answer to Prince in the almost-too-talented-for-their-own-good sweepstakes? You decide. "Fear of Fours" Lamb Three years elapsed between the U.K. release of Lamb's highly acclaimed debut and this CD, making fans of their moody trip-hop impatient. Does "Fear of Fours" deliver? Yes, but like many sophomore efforts, this one can't help but fall short of expectations. There is more of Lamb's full, emotional sound here, but while songs off the debut such as "Gorecki" and "Cottonwool" were beyond epic, most of the tracks on "Fear of Fours" merely get the job done. "Blush" Bows Jungle is built on one essential tension--between hyperspeed drums and half-speed bass lines. Bows' debut, "Blush," gives the screw another turn, setting tentative Bjork-like vocals, languorous strings, and slow-motion keyboards to jarringly frantic beats. "Bows," the project of former Long Fin Killie frontman (and acclaimed novelist) Luke Sutherland, is an art project first and a dance-music crossover second. "Expand Your Head" Lords of Acid Including 4 new songs and 13 remixes, "Expand Your Head" slices, dices, and reassembles the Lords of Acid's X-rated techno-raunch into a towering stack of dance-floor trends. Opening with the new "Am I Sexy," the Lords follow suit a la the campy big beat of Dimitri from Paris. Newbie number two, "As I Am," is standard-issue rave-alert acid house, while "Who Do You Think You Are," with its lyrically colorless rap screamed above industrial guitars, is a toss off (ahem). The other new song is a new version of a Patti LaBelle tune and the rest consists of remixes by KMFDM, Luc Van Acker, Joey Beltram, Frankie Bones, and Richie Hawtin, a.k.a. Plastikman. "The Antidote" The Wiseguys On his sophomore effort Theo Keating (a.k.a. the Wiseguys) comes correct with an album that splits the difference between Fatboy Slim and the Black Eyed Peas. The first single and second track, "Ooh La La," which accompanied a popular Budweiser commercial in Britain, boasts a chunky beat and a simple, mindless hook, setting the pattern the rest of the album follows. It's a surefire formula, and Keating does it better than most. "Title of Record" Filter It's been four years since Filter's debut album, "Short Bus," and "Title of Record" is an exhaustive collection of hyperkinetic guitars, subliminal melodies, and thunderous dynamics--which is to say, it sports plenty of hard-rock aggression, but is firmly rooted in the pop experience that keeps the songs in your head. "It's Gonna Kill Me" has a stalker's vibe tracing its techno-metal roots, while "Take a Picture" and "Captain Bligh" are radio-friendly unit shifters that suggest underneath the technology rests a beating--often bruised--human heart. FUNKY FRENCH TECHNO AND HOUSE ***************************** For several years now, French artists such as Air, Dimitri from Paris, DJ Cam, and Basement Jaxx have reinvented and reinvigorated house and techno music with a funky, brilliantly nonchalant, and recombinant approach. Check out's list of the hottest French techno and house CDs--and prepare for the time of your life. OUR CUSTOMERS RECOMMEND: MORCHEEBA ********************************** "Big Calm" Morcheeba A customer from the U.K. recommends "Big Calm" by Morcheeba: "What an album. Although short and initially seeming a little shallow and poppy, after a listen or two you soon find that it has a depth and beauty found nowhere else. If you have any love for music, this album needs to be at the top of your shopping list." HOT IMPORTS *********** Looking for that hard-to-find live mix disc by Fatboy Slim? Or maybe Aphex Twin's "Analogue Bubblebath 4"? makes it super easy for you with our sizzling list of import CDs. EDITOR'S CHOICE: AIR ******************** "Premiers Symptomes" Air Due out on September 14, Air's "Premiers Symptomes," which translates as "First Singles," just might be the French duo's finest work to date. It's hard to believe these seven spacious, groovy tracks of cocktail-hour techno were recorded in the group's living room before they ever went into a studio, but it's true. If you've never heard the absolutely lush "Casanova 70" or "Modular Mix" before, you're in for a treat. FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: WAR AND SOMA SONIC ****************************************** Download a remix from War's "Grooves & Messages" now! Top remixers pay homage to War's vintage funk-jazz blend on the remix half of the greatest-hits set "Grooves & Messages." Highlights include a hopping "Galaxy 2000" retooled by Plump DJs. You can download an edited version of "Galaxy 2000" exclusively at Download two free tracks from Soma Sonic! With future- forward innovation and style, Soma Sonic deliver aural textures on the darker side of the electronica spectrum and scratch beneath the surface of their ambient trip-hop appeal. As an independently released CD, "Future" shows us the brilliance of what two brothers can do when left to their own devices. Download "Falling" and "Backslide" to catch a glimpse of this group's sonic future. ****** You'll find more great music, articles, and interviews in's Dance & DJ Music section at ****** To become a new Delivers subscriber, or to sign up for additional categories, visit ****** To unsubscribe from Delivers Dance and DJ, please visit your Subscriptions page. Copyright 1999, Inc. 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