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Uncharted Territory

... wherein I embrace the unknown future

I'm part of the April 2024 Core employees Google decided to part ways with. I'm taking this opportunity to take stock, embrace my purpose and chart a new path in these uncertain times.

To say that we're at a crossroads is an understatement. Cherished ecosystems are threatened. The Web itself has an uncertain future as it's moved from a global library of knowledge to an app/ads delivery channel. Open Source faces funding pressure and uncertainty about viable business models. Knowledge itself has become fluid and commodified as it's fed to global AI models. Even the once resilient systems that power society are at risk from demagogues and ill-conceived technological mediation. [*]

Yet, amidst this upheaval I see opportunity. I have a chance to embrace this uncertain future and add another technological impact to my life story.

While I'm exploring impactful possibilities within Google until June 24th I'm confident my skills can make a positive impact in many places. The world needs solutions and I'm determined to contribute to a better future!

If this resonates reach out and let's see what's possible!