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@groby this @supermicro_SMCI mini-tower is one of the best investments I've ever made. ~35W idle power draw, 4 hot swap bays, 8 Xeon-D cores. Add a NAS distro like UNRAID or OpenMediaVault and you're GTG


Algedonic Meters? Real time citizen feedback? For Chilean people? Looks like Cyberfolk 2019!


@mulegirl I also sent a copy over to the Cybernetics Library in NYC. (@cyberneticslib) Check them out at

aside: ... thanks for all the superb @muledesign work for Six Apart back when..


@mulegirl if anyone wants to buy this book you can get it direct from the author

Let's start the Cybernetic Renaissance -- anyone up for organizing a 2020 Macy Conference?


@bentarnoff The Team Human podcast (@teamhumanshow) by @Rushkoff is left oriented and covers varied topics including platform coops, media, climate and how technology affects society.


@n_srnck @bentarnoff also check out the @giunitpod episode with Logic contributor Wendy Liu (@dellsystem)


Did you know your hard disk is descended from a streetcar? Learn how in "Solid State: Minnesota's High Tech History". Also includes Cray, the Oregon Trail and yes, Internet Gopher.

via @tpt


Apple: Introducing Dark Mode for iOS 13
Android: Try our new Dark Theme in Android Q


Expect outages of my @withknown host due to @PGE4Me power cuts.

My low-power home server, solar panels, and batteries are pretty solid. ISPs? Not so sure....


10 Years ago today: Sundar Pichai tells you why SideWiki is cool.



@textfiles when I lived there 20 years ago the cool folks hung out at L'Usine


Ruha Benjamin presented this 1957 robot future by SuperGirl creator Otto Binder today. Prescient and horrifying at the same time and brings to mind Graeber's take on flying cars.

@ruha9 @davidgraeber