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Online Communities. Corp Culture. Headcount. Machine Resources. These and much more can also be considered _"The Commons"_. (As in the "tragedy of the...")

If the commons are failing you should look to Ostrom's design principles to understand why. Christopher Allen's adaptation of these principles is a good intro.


Yegge's post was weird. He chastises Google for me-too-ism, but then goes on to talk about a war with Uber.


Here's your periodic repost of the http://go/ortelius video, which most Googlers never see.

I'll keep posting it until we get a new Creative Labs concept video that can replace it..


WebSub/ActivityPub are now both W3C standards.

I find it really weird that no-one at Google actually was involved with this since it's in our interests for web crawl, publisher support etal..



Even the Economist is piling on the of 2018...

I didn't have time to write up my 2018 predictions, but this is right in line with what I was expecting this year. Expect more payback for excessive hubris.


There should be a Moore's law for Twitter where the tweet size doubles every 18 months until it becomes Livejournal.

[h/t to a podcast that will remain nameless]


Given recent Inbox instability I decided to try out some native mac email apps.

- Airmail 3
- Spark

So far so good. These apps both have snoozing and pinning. Folder support is still a bit off; but nothing too difficult. Might as well start getting used to no Inbox now.

[And sadly I can run two native apps in the memory used by inbox on chrome..


go/rulesofthumb doesn't account for GDPR fines.


plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose....

But seriously -- I'll see if I can find out what happened with ES. It was quite a thing a few years ago...



I'd use my Google Home more if it supported a MovieFone voice..


Jeff Dean's Britney Spears wonderbug:

[Also check out the hotlist this is on for other amazing bugs.


I'm supporting Perkeep on OpenCollective.

I'm especially excited about using this for infrastructure libraries since we now have a way for project-to-project contributions to flow down the dependency tree.


self-owned mdb groups are aptly named.


rpc side-channels were a mistake.



The .io domain is an abbreviation of Indian Ocean.


We play both kinds of Javascript here: Fast and Precise

Paging +116010686905328984286

Interesting stat:

_The main internal repository at Facebook contains around 13M LoC of JavaScript, spanning about 122K files._


Have you heard of NetzDG? Here's some really good background on why we're working so hard.


Aaron Swartz day is upon us... Looking forward to this panel.


Imagine a PBS version of Black Mirror.

Oh wait, there is..

Happy Friday everyone... and back to the GDPR grind..


Starting a GDPR Playlist

Suggestions welcome. So far I have:

- Der Kommissar
- The Pink Panther Theme
- The Final Countdown
- URL Badman
- Private Eyes


*Feature Request:* Implement _laws_and_regulations.gcl_


Oh hi Epona...

I wonder if there's a canonical source that describes every single state an account can be in?

The fact that our systems are not tested against the full set of account variations scares me.

Adding new Account Variants that means that every single system needs to be adjusted to handle it. This is just not scalable.




Name your band *P.O.P.* - confusion galore results.

- Bunch of sites drop the final dot *.* (dos based web server?)
- Youtube and Tunecore groups this with an older group named Pop! from Australia
- Play Music groups a bunch of stuff into Pop, Indonesian Pop, Rap etc.
- Amazon does the worst. Click through on P.O.P. and they serve up groups starting P.O, like P.O.D. etc.

Luckily a fave of mine named *P.O.S.* has managed to cross the SEO chasm.


Librem 5 met it's funding goal with 12 days to spare. Also built on Matrix which makes me happy.


Anything Google specific going on to support people affected by Wildfires in Northern California? Facebook has already pledged m. Where we at?

I've only begun support:

- Already donated to various animal shelters in the area.
- Going to drop off supplies at 1-2-3-4 Go Records tonight, they're sending critical items to victims.


*Q4 OKRs* - Mandates... Mandates Everywhere



Interesting update on the situation in Catalonia plus some dodgy crypto.


I had forgotten how I signed up for eMarketer which actually dumps some useful analysis in your inbox. I didn't find the original eMarketer info but I did find this roundup of valuable external data sources (which does include eMarketer)


Maps and GBUS work pretty well split-screen, especially useful to know if you're going to get to the stop on time.


Curious if our sales teams pitched Walmart?

In any case keep an eye on FB. We should be aware of their moves. A lot of it is more in the Slack/Dynamite area, but there are significant crossovers into Plus.

We should all be up on


Everything you ever wanted to know about robots.txt and then some.

_Then in 2007, they announced that all three of them would support the Sitemap directive in robots.txt files. And yes, that important piece of internet history from the blog of a formerly 125 Billion dollar company now only exists because it was archived by


I ordered the _"Designing for Trust: The Data Transparency Playbook"_ ebook..

Gives me hope that all this GDPR work will pay off.


Surprised it took this long for an article about this to come out...


I just proposed *Funny Text on Pictures Enterprise Edition*

Gotta do it before _Funny Text on Pictures 365_ (Previously named _Funny Text on Pictures for Workgroups 2015_)


Aaron Swartz Day 2017 has a nice lineup of speakers.

Also watch this if you haven't already:


Anyone know if there are projects inside Google to standardize on data models for Intellectual Property Rights?


DNS still kinda sucks, despite the billions of revenue collected by ICANN and registrars..


Stumbled on, a new Enterprise Social Networking company. Some good takes on why this stuff is important. Also includes elements of gThanks, teams and more.


Pack it in folks, I think we've reached peak ICO insanity.

[email is already decentralized!]


This looks good. Added to my to-watch list.

h/t to the creator of X-Plane, which is a pretty awesome flight simulator.


Hi Last-minute 120ers.

Here's the pitch deck for *Google. Forever.* Still looking for UX and BD team members.


Fight fire with water. Not fire.

(Trying to channel anger into positive action)


Susan from March 2017. I prefer this positive response to the corp-speak one that was sent out.

I hereby pledge to double-down efforts in this area and widen my circle of influence to to match my circle of concern.