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New comment by lindner in "OpenSocial Specification"

So many thoughts about OpenSocial and the reference implementation, Shindig. I have it thank for my time at hi5, LinkedIn and then Google.

Some little known facts about OpenSocial

- Hangouts Apps (remember those?) were based on OpenSocial containers.

- OpenSocial powered the LinkedIn Apps Platform and Labs for a number of years. The team built Rails and Node apps and deployed on Joyent.

- Eric Schmidt gave a pep talk to the working group pre-launch and mentioned about how open always wins in the end...

- MySpace was concerned about the attack surface of 3p apps running in iframes. They toyed with the idea of requiring a webkit browser plugin to run apps (!). It did lead to Caja* as a project.

- The work on OpenSocial led in small part to the Activity Streams spec which led to ActivityPub and thus the latest Fediverse protocols. I like to think of OpenSocial as dead, but a good organ donor.

Fun times...




Me building stuff with parts I find in google3...


A must watch documentary on voting rights now on Prime Video. Was lucky enough to see this at the Drive in a couple weeks back.

cc @westwinddrivein @primevideo


Please help a good friend give their little fella a life saving surgery. I'll match any contributions.


Used my WFH budget to buy a 500W/520Wh battery pack.... (I already have solar panels with bypass circuit to recharge..)



@lipsandskin Can someone tell me if this is the right way to summon the correct lindner? Bonus points if it sounds like you're summoning a demon =)

Heraufbeschwören den @c_lindner


Product Idea: Terraform for Teams using Google Calendar/GSuite.

Just let me put agendas and crontab lines in a text file and have it drive the whole thing. Right now it's all pointy-clicky and there's no way to rollback in a coordinated way.

Also would make it soooo easy to split a team into two or clone a team...



For those that haven't spent their 000 WFH budget.


Guessing that lithold will be with me a while longer...


The known site I'm posting this from is finally back up after a few hours of fighting with podman networking, nftables and mysql unicode collation.


Income targeting seems.. problematic on a number of levels given the distribution of income by ethnicity and gender.. I probably don't want to know how we calculate rich vs poor traffic.


Can't seem to find a way to get Desktop PWAs to work on a new laptop..

Currents/G+ isn't offering an install option and the PWA Anywhere app isn't really doing it's thing.

I seemed to have gotten some entries created but clicking on them opens a tab. Then I can go to the triple dot menu and click 'Open in Gmail' and the application window opens.


Sorry Chromebook, your screen lock timeout is way too short...


"Police Reform" is the new "Cage Free Eggs"

We don't need more humane oppression. Replace the system with one that is focused solving on human needs, not in reinforcing broken organizations.


Google could refuse to work with Law Enforcement Agencies until they clean up their act. Minimum legal effort and that's it.

Not doing so puts people at risk.

Our time and assistance is valuable and a privilege so we should prioritize good actors over bad.


"The Purpose of a System is What it Does"

Change, or replace, the system to get better outcomes.


Oz Turns 10

I didn't see any posts about it in my stream, so I'll mention that Oz turns 10 years old today.

Thank you Oz for inspiring Apps Framework and Boq.


Finally solved a really weird network issue on my home network.

Multiple interfaces with different firewall rules on the same wire cause great confusion, but a few sysctl entries fix it.


@slightlylate @KevinJHill Better put it in the freezer if you want your GPU to survive.



Found in some email archives..

 |                       /"\                   |
 |                        X                    |
 |                       / \                   |



Adding some new background music to the WFH mix. Come play! You can chat and make requests!



Installed Instagram just for chat.

It's... Really good. This is for 1:1 but the video and voice message sharing is simple, and you can respond by just lifting the phone to your ear. Kinda magical and beats the crap out of voice typing.

YMMV etc etc


Lady Gaga is a Robot?

Just in case you wanted to know how AI is getting sucked into the conspiracy world..


Flip Fone Follies..

Managed to teach an elderly aunt how to
- get text messages on her flip phone,
- so she could sign up for Skype
- so she could share her screen
- so I could help her diagnose her email problem
- using Windows Live Messenger
- by doing a Skype + Conference call with her ISP to change her password and settings.

So Skype requires a gmail/yahoo account (won't let you use a "business" account like kmtel) so sign up with phone was the only option.

Had to explain 'soft keys' plus there were 100 texts that had never been read.

Skype created account password wasn't confirmed, so had to change password

Windows Live Messenger is a hot mess. SO. MANY. BUTTONS.

pop3 + smtp with differing passwords (pop3 was fine, smtp not)



Any covid-19 WebPass-for-business specials in SF? I have a potential customer...


"You die Edison Carter or you live long enough to see yourself become Network 23"


that xscreensaver is on Android and usable as live wallpapers.

"Hacking the Gibson" adds some nice cyberpunk aesthetic to my home screen...


Oh wow, I haven't read the issue cover-to-cover but I didn't see @waynecoyne mentioned there.

I'll make sure that I do this justice and will see if I can find an ANSI C (or A2) sized scanner for the cover art.



Spotty ambient song recognition on this mashup set.

Impressed that it got the Eminem song with the Imperial March overlay though

Humans still do it better.:) yeah, good times. Bad reception though! And Radio K only had a daytime AM license at the time. That's why they were 'open to 9pm'!!!


You had to work harder to listen to good music back then. @radiok remembers. I'm sure @djkevincole of remembers.


Just amazing work by @chankfonts including design, content (and fonts!) and photography by @midwestartbuyer and tons of other people...

Will upload to @internetarchive when I'm happy with the results..



French Press + Vacuum Themos = Less time doing pour-overs

Also I don't think I'll be able to tolerate the MK coffee machine when all this is done....



The @dnalounge webcast player sprouted a bridged IRC chat during the DJ set. Will be really interesting once it switches back to the music video jukebox on

Stream it:


Connecting the community is definitely an 🌟essential🌟 service.

Stay safe and healthy!


Traded Saturday morning cartoons for Saturday music. Teenage Kicks on The Current by Jim McGuinn followed by Dandelion radio.

@thecurrent @jmcgnn @dandelionradio



Here's your mandated break from the serious stuff in my stream.

A grasshopper hops into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey, we've
got a drink named after you." The grasshopper says, "You've got a drink
named Steve?"


Anyone Chicago Googlers here?

Apparently there's a fire-bowl on the roof of the Chicago office. I happen to know the artist that made it. He asked me if anyone had photos of it they could share.

If you do let me know and I'll get them to him!

[we was also a loyal G+ user back in the day!!!]


And here's the song of the same name by The Suburbs.

A huge shout out to Owen Murphy and John Richards for playing it this morning on KEXP and reminding us that we're not alone!

@RadioCoachOwen @loserboy @TheSuburbsBand @kexp


It's my birthday and the world isn't fooling around, but we can do our best to help out the most vulnerable.

So help each other, be weird, have awe, sing, dance and be human!


Happy 16th Birthday Gmail!

And a reminder of what people used in corp before we had Gmail.


It's live! loving your anecdotes and the narration by @yeahrightpos

I do think it's time for an at-home 'Summer Splash Party' where we put on our swim gear and dance to disco 🕺💃.

(check out the clip at 20:24!)


Thank you Dominik, I have been blessed with a treasure of digital memories to rediscover and share. So glad that you were able to enjoy my journey through the archives.


According to this interview with R.U. Sirius

"Howard Rheingold swears that he’s Michael Wilson, who was involved in the development of the TV show Burn Notice..."