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Paul Lindner

1500 Word MTU Experiment: Day #1

2 min read

End of day #1 with Known.  I'm quite pleased with the results.

Good Stuff

  • is awesome.  Having +1's, likes and comments consolidated is so nice.
  • Webhooks!  I'm thinking of writing one to automatically archive pages to
  • PuSH appears to be fully working.  Again, could extend things there..
  • Google+ renders images well.
  • The editor saves drafts.
  • Lightweight page editor should be useful.
  • AMP support is there (add ?_t=amp to any page)  Some validation issues, but works.
  • Real anchor tags and hyperlinks.  No more writing [1] [2] in posts with multiple links (like lynx)

Rough Edges

  • The built-in Photo type doesn't send the permalink to Twitter, so now I have a weird post without context.  Flickr, Facebook working perfectly, might try another setting.
  • I need to get to writing a Google+ outbound connector.  I'm doing those by hand now.
  • TInyMCE sucks.  It has always sucked!  If only Medium would open source their editor.  At least markdown is an option.
  • Looks like syndicated Google+ links are using instead of
  • Some profile pics cloned from G+ are coming back with size 0.  This shows as broken images.
  • Long status posts have extra long permalink URLs.
  • Built-in analytics are weak.  Would rather avoid using GA for that.
  • Limited import options.  Will need to convert Typepad export file to Wordpress format.
  • Bulleted lists line-height is tight, tight, tight.

Overall I'm pretty happy and excited about getting more content in place.

And who knew that a post on SSL/TLS certs would be soooo exciting?


Screenshot of a Known Post