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Take Care

CW: health, cancer, stuff like that.

So yeah, I've spent the past 5 days living at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland. I spent my waking hours caring for my wife's basic needs as she recovers from an infection and progression of bone mets that caused much pain and suffering. We have a plan forward and are headed home today.

But that's neither here nor there. I don't want sympathy or anything like that; I post these updates to normalize and make visible the caretaker role that we all assume. Please use your sick leave, vacation, vacation donation time and finally short-term/long-term disability to care for your loved ones. You've earned it (and in the case of disability you're even paying premiums for it.)

I'll have a few more stories to share later on once I get caught-up. But for now behold the disco-light aesthetic of the Stanley Healthcare Bed-Check®. (It's basically a bed sensor and an alarm used to prevent people from falling). I highly doubt that it uses a cloud based TensorFlow prediction model.