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go links for wellbeing

I've had this list for a while, so some links might be out of date. I have used some of these programs myself and found benefits.

Be well everyone, we're in store for some long weeks/months ahead of us.

http://go/EAP Employee Assistance Program
http://go/gCalm Online, highly interactive learning experience to you manage stress and build resilience
http://go/gPause Mindful practices to help manage stress, increase happiness, and boost productivity
http://go/OYL Initiative to provide Googlers with the resources needed to “optimize your life”
http://go/s10x 5 week group-led program for insights into your current wellbeing and ways to improve it
http://go/wellbeingguru Experienced Googlers who offer 1:1 coaching to support Googlers working on wellbeing.
http://go/wlb-1:1 Work-life balance conversation guide for Googlers and Managers
http://go/Sleepio Resources to improve your sleep
http://go/happify Resource to overcome stress and negative thoughts with science-based games and activities
http://go/meQ Personalized tools and videos to help build resilience
http://go/myStrength Personalized tools for anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, mindfulness, and more