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Today's must read - "The Scientists who Make Apps Addictive" from 1843 Magazine

When your industry calls the most profitable users "Whales" you know there's a problem.  I keep a copy of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion around just to inoculate myself from these black arts.



Tech Industry: upgrade thyself -- How do we reform tech? by @anildash

The industrial scale of todays technology causes tech to become alienated from the very users they are supposed to serve.  (Never mind that we should be talking about People, not "Users").


Code Next Opens in Oakland, creating diversity through Constructionism

"From a design point of view it is a truly unique experience that very much leans on an educational theory known as constructionism. This codified curriculum will soon be available to the entire world as an open source."


Ethical Design Manifesto

I love how this succinctly captures the values I hold dear.  Delightful design based on open principles with recognition of human effort.  I have a copy printed out at my desk.


We practice Ethical Design


A reminder from Vint Cerf about the importance of digital preservation

It seems inescapable that our society will need to find its own formula for underwriting the cost of preserving knowledge in media that will have some permanence. - Vint Cerf - We're Going Backward

I've seen this firsthand.  Albums from some lesser known bands I listened to in the 90s are not available in digital format.  When the CDs finally bit rot the music will be gone forever unless someone rips and uploads them.  Some content never made the jump from VHS, also at risk of loss when the tapes degrade.

Support the Internet Archive and other efforts if you value this.  Also work towards a future self-archiving decentralized web where content can live beyond the data silos they currently occupy.


My new favorite way to manage home directories with git

And you can avoid merge conflicts by adding entries to your .gitattributes file:

.bash_history merge=union


W3C Blockchains and the Web Workshop Report

Lots and lots of content to digest from this workshop in June.  I'm really excited to see IPLD, which brings actual URNs to life.


Losing My Revolution: How Many Resources Shared on Social Media Have Been Lost?

I'm happy to see some research in this area.  I had been starting to analyze some of the early history of blogging so this is relevant.  The relevant quote:

From this model we conclude that after the first year of publishing, nearly 11% of shared resources will be lost and after that we will continue to lose 0.02% per day.

Missing vs Archived tweets



Gopher Cluster Searches (2001) - YouTube

Conceptual VR Search UI from 2001.   GopherVR had a bunch of neat things.  Hulk jumps, stonehenge, spiral stonehenge.  We used the open source Doom code to implement the software and a lot of graph paper to make the 3d models..