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@piccolbo I actually _write_ all my content using self-hosted techniques these days. I was just curious if actual authors feel that Medium is something that benefits them; if so I'd pay to help support good writing.


Moved my G+ following graph to Twitter more or less..

Wrote a hacky script to grab twitter URLs using the Google People API. Fed that into a web page with follow widgets

Hope to find more folks in the Fediverse


Happy to see Uranium Club show up on @resonatecoop this morning.

Always nice to see good stuff come out of Minneapolis.


@crulge a whitepaper by @humanvsdigital uses the Viable Systems Model to tackle health care issues. Beer would approve...


@edsu try the usenet historical archive. I think you'll find what you want here:


nora bateson's tweet

nora bateson's tweet


nora bateson's tweet

Here, in the melting structures of obsolete systems, is the fluid of possibility. It’s sticky with confusion, it smells like pain, & it stains the past w/ dyes of remorse. There is no blissy workshop to take to avert the discomfort. There is no formula for success. Just show up.


@NoraBateson this captures my present moment so well. thank you.


@complexsplit I haven't kept up with recent gopher protocol developments, but I do see some discussion on the gopher-project mailing list:


In June 1995 I presented "Using Gopher with the World-Wide-Web" at GopherCon 95.

""Together the strengths of Gopher and WWW create a better, more integrated information system.""


Thinking about holding a Wake for Consumer G+

"This ceremony allows one last interaction with the corpse, providing a time for the living to express their emotions and beliefs about death with the deceased."


I ❤️ Standards

A long, long time ago I had an ISO bumper sticker with two cars colliding at equal heights. Can't seem to find any evidence of it existing anywhere, offline or online...


Greg McVerry's P2P Always Built my Web: Exploring IFPS on @WithKnown

Greg McVerry's P2P Always Built my Web: Exploring IFPS on @WithKnown


I'd recommend: Four Futures - Life After Capitalism.


@adamcurry @SanctionInc Lucky for us the golden age of Gopher T-Shirt shilling is gone. The FTC/FCC took care of that. Of course the open question is: who was @kurt_loder repping? AOL, MSN or CompuServe?


Sounds like the long awaited Real Genius reboot... Who will play the Val Kilmer role is an open question...


@resonatecoop Google and other companies restrict their employees from contributing to AGPL code.

I suggest giving some thought to negative/positive liberty., covered in "Decoding Liberation: the promise of free/open source sw"


Hmm, maybe mimic Ethereum?

- Reusable libraries/components MIT or Apache?
- Resonate-specific frontends/backends, AGPL? (like Mastodon?)

Note: AGPL would restrict participation by corp contributors (like myself)

@mattl wdyt?


Is Utopia a Hospital?

Fred Turner --

A hospital is a place where people get together, work very hard over very long periods of time in defined roles, checking and rechecking each other’s work, and they work toward a benevolent goal of saving lives.


One solution; treat open source like a VC.

Companies take a "FOSS/FLOSS" round -- in exchange for using community property firms would put ~7% of equity in escrow, that would be used exclusively to fund these efforts.


@SanctionInc @adamcurry Adam Curry has been replaced with a NodeJS server.


Authors: would you recommend Medium membership for someone that wants to support good writing? Any alternatives? As always concerned that Medium took $132m in venture funding that will have to be paid...


The book is out, and very very good. A must read. If you have more time than money I have some paid-for Play Books gifts I can give. DM me.


Buy your copy of Ted Nelson's "Computer Lib/Dream Machines" while you can.


Team Human is out today

Team Human is out today


@anildash IIRC Livejournal was acquired for growth/tech potential. The GPL code and ana/cutter userbase was problematic. Vox was the clean room implementation.

At the time Technorati's top 3 were Blogger/LJ,/6a...


Glad that we can add more people to the Matrix ecosystem! Especially people that also use and Known (There are dozens of us!)


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If you really want to play games with the algorithms change your locale from en-US to en-GB. You'll soon be getting Royals, FIFA and Daily Mail clickbait.


Native Ads in your News Feed Circa 1903

Native Ads in your News Feed Circa 1903

From the January 15th,1903 edition of the Hendricks Pioneer.


Only 1 week left to enjoy Youtube Annotated videos...


"Known Issues"

"Known Issues"

I'm saving this for the next time someone suggests creating a support/help doc instead of fixing the actual problem...

You can find this engraved sign in the Shreve Jewelry Store elevator in San Francisco.  It says:


I asked the staff about it.  They said that fixing the light would require replacing the entire panel. But that would trigger a building-code upgrade for the whole elevator system.  Total cost?  $80,000.

Cost of sign?  $3


Indeed, VRML was a thing.. I went into my email archives since I was active in that community working on GopherVR back then. Mark thought the vrml newsgroup should be comp.infosystems.www.vrml. I was convinced that VRML was much more than that and suggested it really really should be comp.infosystems.vrml (a top-level thing..)


"Without the efforts of the workers the company would not have value so the idea that the workers and owners ought to be the same cohort has a great deal of attraction."


Finally! a way to re-platform your Google+ data before the April 2019 shutdown. exports to Wordpress, Blogger and other places. Hoping that this allows for communities to transition to new hosting or for individuals to go


I started selfhosting my Known instance at

The folks at are nice, but their focus isn't on end-users these days and I need to get this on SSL, plus would like to use more plugins. [And if all goes well this posts to my mastodon account!]


Festive 50

Instead of reflecting on the past year think about what's happened for the last 50 years. I finally got around to listening to a 4 part series about computing in 1968. Highly recommended, very very well done and will blow your mind.

Makes you realize that most of what we've been doing has been riffing on groundbreaking things from that era.

Art? Computer Animation? It all started then with some .. (Ep 1)

Google Glass? Augmented Reality? Ivan Sutherland's "Ultimate Display" conceived of it. (Ep 2)

Hangouts? Shared Docs? Remote Collaboration? Doug Engelbert's The Mother of all Demos was already there. (Ep 3)

And the impact felt, with Vint Cerf and others:

We stand on the shoulders of giants.


The @worldbrain Memex system is working well for me. Full text index of all the pages I visit. Injects search results in Google/DuckDuckGo. Recommended.


Before there was Commons Clause or Affero the University of Minnesota Gopher team tried to license the server code with carve-outs for non-commercial use.



4 min read

Sit back a spell and let me tell you a story about the Association of Concerned Employees (ACEs).

Back in 1991 the academic computing teams at the University of Minnesota were set to be laid off and we could "apply" for a job with the new quasi-private sector outfit the "Minnesota Supercomputer Center" (MSC).
So none of us liked that.  Over 300 of us set up an effort to stop it.  The VAX/Unix/MVS/Unix/PC/CDC units stopped fighting for crumbs and joined forces.  Letters to the editor were written, politicians where contacted, petitions were circulated.

Mailing lists, and even a BBS were put into use to coordinate.

Even, ahem, a listening device was placed in the Board of Regents office.

We were not in a union but AFSCME supported our demands and upped the pressure.

The efforts worked.  The privatization was called off.  There were job losses, but we had a voice that we used to make the best of the situation.  We had input into how we could reorganize the units and better support the students and faculty.

Oh and we finally got the audit of the corrupt MSC a few years later:

`U' backs off of plan to privatize computer services
Published: October 23, 1991
By Jim Dawson; Staff Writer 

Intense pressure from many of the 330 civil service employees who
operate the University of Minnesota's computer systems apparently has
forced school officials to back away from a plan to privatize computer
services and place them under the Supercomputer Center.
Ettore Infante, vice president for academic affairs, who
announced the privatization plan last week met with computer workers
      He told them that because of concerns regarding his
original plan, a reorganization of computer services would occur
"without the involvement of the Minnesota Supercomputer Center or a subsidiary of it."
    Instead, Infante said, an outside consultant will be hired to
 determine the best way to  consolidate and reorganize the university's
several computer service centers.
  About half of the 330 computer specialists would have been laid off at the end of the year under Infante's privatization plan.
       There will probably be layoffs under any new plan, but how many and when hasn't been determined.

  Infante's privatization announcement caught the computer
specialists by surprise last week, but they quickly used a computerized
electronic mail network to organize their opposition.
    Their main objection focused on the involvement of the Supercomputer Center.
       The center, a quasiprivate corporation partially owned by
the university, is not subject to public accounting.  Gov. Arne Carlson
recently cut $8 million in state funding from the center's budget, and
many of the computer specialists believed that Infante's move was simply
 a way to funnel new funds into the center.
    Infante denied that charge and cited the inefficient,
outdated computer systems and networks throughout the university as his
reason for consolidation.
    His move yesterday was welcomed by most employees, but many remained skeptical of his motives.
       "I was encouraged that they seem to be backing down," said
 Cheryl Vollhaber, a specialist with academic computing services.
    The employees demanded to be involved in the planning for
consolidating the computer systems, something most agree is badly
      However, Infante was noncommittal about employee participation.
    The computer specialists said that they have been calling for
 a consolidation and reorganization of computer services for a long
time, but that the administration has ignored them.   They are
frustrated, several said, because although they are the computer
experts, they are not being consulted.
    "Our focus will be having an employee representative on the
planning board," said Stephen Collins, of the university's
micro-computer center.



@YellzHeard Donated. Might be interesting to connect these coders to the new @codeforamerica "Clear My Record" project that @lourmoore is running.


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Imagine a dystopian sequel to Gilligan’s Island where hedge fund manager Mr Howell controls the island with discipline collars.


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I highly suggest that this Follower Suggestion design be peer-reviewed.

Content recommendation systems have a huge effect on how communities grow and evolve. One thing I like about Mastodon is that user recommendations are done by humans, not machines. This go-slow approach is more resilient to algorithms (even the simple one presented here..)

Here's a recent paper that discusses how recommendation systems can reinforce bias.

So before this gets unleashed on the world please do your research and study the available literature. Get experts to review it and listen to the people that have been doing this for a long time. You can then avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.


Sarah Jamie Lewis on Twitter: "In the Dat protocol white paper under Network Privacy, there is a section that reads: "There is an inherent tradeoff in peer to peer systems of source discovery vs. user privacy." I disagree with the statement & the impact resulting design decisions have on privacy. Some notes:"


Sarah Jamie Lewis on Twitter: "In the Dat protocol white paper under Network Privacy, there is a section that reads: "There is an inherent tradeoff in peer to peer systems of source discovery vs. user privacy." I disagree with the statement & the impact resulting design decisions have on privacy. Some notes:"


Apparently Internet pervs use WarGames movie font now...

Apparently Internet pervs use WarGames movie font now...

This is Nancy O'Malley scaremongering in the Alameda County DA race.  Also check out the bowl of Cheetos and the ashtrays.


I don't know much about co-ops and education. But this is an interesting development:


@csageland I'll reach out; but just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to seeing your map with the edges populated between them.