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@edsu try the usenet historical archive. I think you'll find what you want here:


nora bateson's tweet


@NoraBateson this captures my present moment so well. thank you.


@complexsplit I haven't kept up with recent gopher protocol developments, but I do see some discussion on the gopher-project mailing list:


In June 1995 I presented "Using Gopher with the World-Wide-Web" at GopherCon 95.

""Together the strengths of Gopher and WWW create a better, more integrated information system.""


Thinking about holding a Wake for Consumer G+

"This ceremony allows one last interaction with the corpse, providing a time for the living to express their emotions and beliefs about death with the deceased."


I ❤️ Standards

A long, long time ago I had an ISO bumper sticker with two cars colliding at equal heights. Can't seem to find any evidence of it existing anywhere, offline or online...


Greg McVerry's P2P Always Built my Web: Exploring IFPS on @WithKnown


I'd recommend: Four Futures - Life After Capitalism.


@adamcurry @SanctionInc Lucky for us the golden age of Gopher T-Shirt shilling is gone. The FTC/FCC took care of that. Of course the open question is: who was @kurt_loder repping? AOL, MSN or CompuServe?


Sounds like the long awaited Real Genius reboot... Who will play the Val Kilmer role is an open question...


@resonatecoop Google and other companies restrict their employees from contributing to AGPL code.

I suggest giving some thought to negative/positive liberty., covered in "Decoding Liberation: the promise of free/open source sw"


Hmm, maybe mimic Ethereum?

- Reusable libraries/components MIT or Apache?
- Resonate-specific frontends/backends, AGPL? (like Mastodon?)

Note: AGPL would restrict participation by corp contributors (like myself)

@mattl wdyt?


Is Utopia a Hospital?

Fred Turner --

A hospital is a place where people get together, work very hard over very long periods of time in defined roles, checking and rechecking each other’s work, and they work toward a benevolent goal of saving lives.