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D Dino's post on

D Dino's post on


Thank you @BillDeVille for the heartfelt dedication of my request this morning on United States of on @TheCurrent

And thank you to Frank Randall of the Sycamores for this song and his kindness.


Ya my flight just landed. What's up in MN?


Julie Lindner's tweet

Julie Lindner's tweet


Will be attending the DWeb SF Meetup tonight at @internetarchive Quite the lineup including @ara4n and @bluesky


about Nightcore via @RadioK

I think it's the only way I'll want to hear 80s music from now on.


Converted my withknown instance from docker to podman. Replaced docker-compose with a pod. Upped Known version. Fedora 31 here I come...



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My wife Julie passed away from breast cancer last month. Today I published her obituary in the Star Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, the Rochester Post Bulletin and at

We knew right away that we completed each other and fell deeper in love for 27 years. She meant everything to me.

Thank you for bearing witness to Julie’s life, for the condolences and for honoring Julie's memory.



Surviving Nirvana members reunite alongside St. Vincent, Beck, and Dave Grohl's daughter: Watch

Surviving Nirvana members reunite alongside St. Vincent, Beck, and Dave Grohl's daughter: Watch


Ben Werdmüller - About Known

Ben Werdmüller - About Known


@dietrich Looks like @AudiusProject is funded by VCs who will want a return on their investment. Seeing very little about governance on their site.


Harish Jose's tweet

Harish Jose's tweet


Isaac's tweet

Isaac's tweet


@groby this @supermicro_SMCI mini-tower is one of the best investments I've ever made. ~35W idle power draw, 4 hot swap bays, 8 Xeon-D cores. Add a NAS distro like UNRAID or OpenMediaVault and you're GTG


Algedonic Meters? Real time citizen feedback? For Chilean people? Looks like Cyberfolk 2019!


@mulegirl I also sent a copy over to the Cybernetics Library in NYC. (@cyberneticslib) Check them out at

aside: ... thanks for all the superb @muledesign work for Six Apart back when..


@mulegirl if anyone wants to buy this book you can get it direct from the author

Let's start the Cybernetic Renaissance -- anyone up for organizing a 2020 Macy Conference?


@bentarnoff The Team Human podcast (@teamhumanshow) by @Rushkoff is left oriented and covers varied topics including platform coops, media, climate and how technology affects society.


@n_srnck @bentarnoff also check out the @giunitpod episode with Logic contributor Wendy Liu (@dellsystem)


Did you know your hard disk is descended from a streetcar? Learn how in "Solid State: Minnesota's High Tech History". Also includes Cray, the Oregon Trail and yes, Internet Gopher.

via @tpt


Apple: Introducing Dark Mode for iOS 13
Android: Try our new Dark Theme in Android Q


Expect outages of my @withknown host due to @PGE4Me power cuts.

My low-power home server, solar panels, and batteries are pretty solid. ISPs? Not so sure....


10 Years ago today: Sundar Pichai tells you why SideWiki is cool.



@textfiles when I lived there 20 years ago the cool folks hung out at L'Usine


Ruha Benjamin presented this 1957 robot future by SuperGirl creator Otto Binder today. Prescient and horrifying at the same time and brings to mind Graeber's take on flying cars.

@ruha9 @davidgraeber


Replied to a post on :

Every developer should ask themselves what they will do when their software is used to further hatred and human suffering.


Small world. Bumped into @micropixie today in the Mission. A reminder to support your local artists and musicians. Also do check out "Dark Sight of the Moon" which is vg


Game Services and Digital Preservation

2 min read

I think it's time for a Legal Deposit scheme for Games.

- Game publishers would put their games in Escrow when they publish.  
- Game Services could publish a spec on how to interpret the game contents.
- 'Orphan' games would actually be preserved.- Users that purchased the Game would then be entitled to a copy of the escrowed item, plus the design on how to run them.

This, combined with an export of user-generated data would allow for usability after Stadia or the Game Publisher sunsets the service/game.

And to be honest I'd love to see this extended to all Online "Stores" that don't let you export usable contents.

Barring that Game Services could enter a Ulysses Pact with users if they are serious about the long-haul.. 

 For each purchase a user makes put 10x in a locked escrow fund.  When the service cancels that money can be used to migrate the games to a new provider or payout back the user.

- If a Game Service gets few users it's not a lot of money to exit and actually would increase satisfaction.
- If a Game Service does get popular then there's an explicit feedback loop that reinforces the durability of the system and alignment of interests.

Evernote announced something like this, but never really followed through.   A small company called Forever actually does have a preservation fund that is purpose driven.


@Greg I don't see anything online -- there are some links to papers on the 2018 site


TODO(lindner): attend tech debt conference


@piccolbo Looks like there's a whole conference dedicated to the study of Technical Debt (!)

Looking through the proceedings it appears that there is hard data. We just choose to ignore it...


Fowler's latest is good reading. Breaks down the either/or choice of speed vs quality. (Hint quality wins; because cruft)


@Albatross Wendy Jedelicka @wjedlicka did the Gopher T-shirt art and design. There was some talk of doing a reissue a while back.


@pzriddle The computer history museum might want the original Gopher T. I gifted the other two:

I should see if I still have the GopherVR shirt


@resonatecoop really enjoying @BurialUK and the rest @Hyperdub catalog.

@AngelHo_Studio is another gem worth checking out.


Resonate's tweet

Resonate's tweet


douglas rushkoff's tweet

douglas rushkoff's tweet


Arrived Sydney, Australia.

Smells like wild fires.


Checked into Google Sydney Office

G'day!  First time in Australia


@anildash Maybe we need to think about non-monetary penalties? Ceding patent or copyright protections, a ban on government contracting or ejection from the H1-B program might actually shift behavior...


How long before Javascript starts looking like Perl?


General Intellect Unit's tweet

General Intellect Unit's tweet


Press '+' to Pay Respects

Goodbye Google+, thanks for trailblazing tech, good times and connections made.

Please donate to @internetarchive to support the upkeep of the (finally real) Google+ Ghost Town.


@TomRLancaster Add Ghostery as well? Of course to visualize all the trackers these days would require VR. Just imagine if each web page was surrounded by tracker-avatars taking notes.


@edrex maybe IA should use uBlock Origin like everyone else does... Trackers can die, but Ads are actually cultural significant and we should preserve them as they say a lot about society..


""What we found was that the majority of news outlets had not given any thought to even basic strategies for preserving their digital content, and not one was properly saving a holistic record of what it produces.""