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go links for wellbeing

I've had this list for a while, so some links might be out of date. I have used some of these programs myself and found benefits.

Be well everyone, we're in store for some long weeks/months ahead of us.

http://go/EAP Employee Assistance Program
http://go/gCalm Online, highly interactive learning experience to you manage stress and build resilience
http://go/gPause Mindful practices to help manage stress, increase happiness, and boost productivity
http://go/OYL Initiative to provide Googlers with the resources needed to “optimize your life”
http://go/s10x 5 week group-led program for insights into your current wellbeing and ways to improve it
http://go/wellbeingguru Experienced Googlers who offer 1:1 coaching to support Googlers working on wellbeing.
http://go/wlb-1:1 Work-life balance conversation guide for Googlers and Managers
http://go/Sleepio Resources to improve your sleep
http://go/happify Resource to overcome stress and negative thoughts with science-based games and activities
http://go/meQ Personalized tools and videos to help build resilience
http://go/myStrength Personalized tools for anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, mindfulness, and more


St Patrick's Day Isolation mood...

🎵 Caffeine sugar and THC
Is all that the doctors are gonna find in me
When they do the autopsy
The micro-organism won't get me 🎵

Remember to support local artists like


I think there are more than 50 people in this grocery store.



Really should do something with my domain which I shelved when I realized that I was using AGPL software...

I ended up just contributing to the Mastodon Patreon and joined

[also looks like go/makamaka still works!!!]


RT @MCTW5: @joshsternberg Gen X has the last laugh.


Trying to talk sense into my 84 year old father in law, who has a number of health issues...

"I lived through the real bad polio epidemic, and in our small circle of friends there 5 cases and one close friend died. We do not know one person with virus! This said I'll still be very careful."



Post yur playlist plz.. There are only so many Neil Cicierega tracks out there... Save me before I start hitting the Nightcore...

True story: After too much time in the Fortress of Solitude Superman morphed into Bizarro.


2001/2008 vibes

Walking through an empty office took me back to 2001 as I survived seven layoffs and three office moves at Critical Path. Serious triggering moment.

Recommend that folks have a Plan B, and start building support networks now.

The whole global economy is fragile and over-leveraged, and we've already used up most financial engineering tools available in 2008.


US folks should consider updating wageworks for commuter benefits.

I found out the hard way that Clipper has a max accumulation of BART passes...


Stress Break

Relax with some therapy farm animals.. Almost makes twitter worth it.. almost.



I haven't seen that many animated gifs since geocities...


The end times approach. Gopher protocol over HTTP and support for TLS.

But seriously I now have the weirdest Masto timeline with Adam Curry NoAgenda Show folks and retro-hacker Gopher Protocol people.


We've all been there, on the tenth page of search results, not finding what you're looking for. This is a whole 'nother level. Loved it.


about Lillian Moller Gilbreth

Say thanks the next time you use your Kanban, or reduce toil instead of just automating tasks....


I have that whole email thread archived.. What a trip.. Quite pleased that you're still leading on alternative ways to fund, create, and deliver quality content.


Indeed! I've been following the growing community. Definitely an example of a Retro Upgrade for our current computing environment.


Blaming the IRS for your poorly engineered software is sad. Most people can e-file.

Instead please:

1. Apologize for the problem.
2. Tell us when it will be fixed.
3. Remove the flippant smiley from your signature.


Looks like Adam Curry spoke about Internet Gopher on the Rogan Podcast, so I had to dig this out of the email archives from September '93
@noagenda @adamcurry :


For some reason I always thought of Six Apart as Franz Ferdinand.

And for the ultimate crossover here's a Franz cover of Serge Gainsbourg


If you want you can refer to case It's closed, but should have details.

Intuit/TurboTax has a market cap of $74B, and just spent $7B to buy Credit Karma. They can afford to hire people to manually fix these returns...


Heather -- please read the full thread (there are three pages of unhappy customers) It's a bug in Turbotax and it needs to be fixed.

Sending people who have experienced a loss to read IRS forms is just cruel.


Turbotax, you had one job.. Because of this bug surviving spouses have had to mail instead of e-file for years. I escalated with support. They said it would be fixed, but could not notify me when. Just keep trying...

@turbotax @freetaxusa


By popular demand I started (manually) cross-posting to Instagram.

One of these days they'll have a proper API for individuals. Their current one is just super hostile...


So yeah, don't forget about your Drive Birthday quota expiration..

The current deal is 2TB for 9/year, which isn't bad. You also get 100 'play points', which nets you in raw play credit or more if you use in-app.

And plus it saves me from looking at S3 compatible archive options now... (I use restic + rclone to backup to drive..)




Algorithmic Art Assembly

This looks interesting... March 27-29th...


Decided to break out the Orange Jumpsuit for Cyberdelia at the DNA Lounge.  Crowd participation made the film Hackers 10x better and yes, rollerblades were in use.


You'll find Gus at @thebalm on Valencia most Saturday mornings.



DNA Lounge - Hackers

25th Anniversary



At DNA Lounge - Hackers 25th Anniversary Movie.



Yeah, it's great. Perfectly sized for my commute and oh so relevant.


The "Internet Gopher and Adversarial Interoperability" EFF Deeplink Blog post is now on Cory Doctorow's most excellent Podcast.

@doctorow @eff


What should I buy with my 00 Nexus 6p settlement that came in this evening?


I miss the local ILEC ISPs. They really got so many people online while remaining true to their communities.

Glad that Gopher got the job done for you!


In 1991 a GB was ~$7k

Still amazed that we could pay for all that expensive hardware and had such lousy salaries.. At $30k/year 1 disk would be .3 SWE/y



Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 13:51:07
From: Bob Alberti <alberti@boombox>

Clarinet archiving looks to be taking up about 100K blocks (~50 Meg) a month, and if this is the case, we're going to want to get another disk for it, ideally 600+ Megabytes.


Bob forgot to mention that he maintained, a Mac IIfx running INN for a good long while. That enabled Clarinet UPI news.

Having full text searches in 1992 blew people's minds. Plus you could bookmark a search, which was another game changer!


RT @Albatross: An article in @EFF by @doctorow about and . Links include my Gopher paper. Eleme…


Replied to a post on :

Cory did a great job of capturing the early days of Gopher in his article.


Adversarial Interoperability - Grunge Edition

I only contributed factual info....

Also realized that Gopher was announced to comp.unix.misc the day before Smells Like Teen Spirit came out.


RT @doctorow: The latest in my series of case histories of and the role it played in keeping tech competitive…


Sad to hear about the death of Larry Tesler.

“Every application has an inherent amount of irreducible complexity. The only question is: Who will have to deal with it—the user, the application developer, or the platform developer?”




We all owe a debt to Larry Tesler. RIP.

Also see



I know some of the people that did this and they never told me....


I think it would be interesting to have 'deprecated by' and 'replaced with' added to

Then create a visual tool showing the evolution of tools over time.....



Had to disable SameSite cookies to book a flight on United.

They were using DNS names to shard their booking frontends. The 'rev' cookie was getting blocked, and then when the frontend made a request for weirdhost/rev it hit a 500 error...

Seems like there's got to be a better way of rolling this out, especially if United has a software procurement/deployment process that takes longer than 3 chrome releases....