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I think it would be interesting to have 'deprecated by' and 'replaced with' added to

Then create a visual tool showing the evolution of tools over time.....



Had to disable SameSite cookies to book a flight on United.

They were using DNS names to shard their booking frontends. The 'rev' cookie was getting blocked, and then when the frontend made a request for weirdhost/rev it hit a 500 error...

Seems like there's got to be a better way of rolling this out, especially if United has a software procurement/deployment process that takes longer than 3 chrome releases....


Uhhh. Google Forms as critical election infrastructure?

All Internet services should have publicly disclosed headcount numbers..

[.. and yes, I know that Forms relies on a wide variety of shared infrastructure...]



Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2014 15:33:00 -0800
Subject: Firebase - Looking to hire Engineer #5 for our Core Development team

I just came across your LinkedIn profile and thought I'd reach out to you because of your impressive experience at Google.

The things you find when cleaning out your inbox...



RT @djkevincole: Today is dedicated to celebrating the healing power of music, as it aids those facing cancer.

Sadly, most of us have bee…


A heartfelt thank you to @djkevincole @ACertainAbbie and @RadioCoachOwen for playing two of Julie's favorite Minnesota songs on very powerful : Beyond Cancer day on @KEXP


A must read. Too many quotes to pull, but I was glad to see Conceptual Integrity and Behavior instead of Features included.

What if the Agile software movement was the manifestation of an entire industry that was, just, like, dealing with some stuff right now?


Verifying my Knowledge Panel.

Didn't expect to have to Include a selfie with my ID.

Remembering people that used to have fake IDs just to buy booze it seems like a bit of security theater...


@lindner @c_lindner Thanks everyone for making this my most popular tweet! Can someone explain what this AfD oaf is saying? Google Translate doesn't have a "white supremacy" setting...

Guess I need to learn some German insults. (Or aggressively block)


Who decides?

Who decides who decides?


Might be a good idea to revisit this page every 7 or 8 years...


"Made for kids" vs "Okay for Kids?"

I think something might have been lost in translation....

I can't even add this video to a watch-later playlist.

But hmm.. I can share it...

youtube-dl it is then....


@vonneudeck @haekelschwein Thank you! Being mistaken for a @c_lindner is okay. Where else would I see this:

Maybe someone can give me a German language joke I can use to respond to mistaken identity? Maybe a Stilblüten ????


Both me and my macbook admit we are powerless over tab opening.


I just wish I got mistaken for @patricklindner instead. Volksmusik is better than Neoliberal Politics!


Hacker Costume Contest....

oof... click through for that movie trailer.

Can confirm that I own that Fluke CD and it was in heavy rotation.


Everything I know about German Politics comes from mistaken rage mentions for @c_lindner

Sadly it appears that the centrists once again prefer fascists to leftists. Also see "The Iron Law of Institutions"


@TheCurrent @twinkiejiggles Would love to hear Mr. Blue Sky by ELO. The perfect sunshiney song. It's from Paul in Oakland remembering Julie tonight.

She originally requested it July 26, 2014 from @thewombatt


Hip hop

Saw Gza and Nur-d this weekend. Old school and new school. Gza is of course a legend and is also doing a Science series on Netflix. Nur-d was the headliner at the 2019 best new bands show. Weaves in the nerd culture in a very joyful way. Superb entertainer and you'll probably be seeing more of him..


Thank you @BillDeVille for the heartfelt dedication of my request this morning on United States of on @TheCurrent

And thank you to Frank Randall of the Sycamores for this song and his kindness.



(At a exhibition of 1st Avenue, the music venue)


Ya my flight just landed. What's up in MN?


Spanner without arbitrary CHECK constraints is a sad thing...


Will be attending the DWeb SF Meetup tonight at @internetarchive Quite the lineup including @ara4n and @bluesky


Decentralizing Social Media

Quite the lineup tonight for the monthly DWeb event. I'm going to get to this one.


If you are anywhere near San Francisco tonight, 1/21 at 6 PM, be sure to join us for the DWeb SF Meet Up at the Internet Archive, focusing on decentralized social media. Twitter's Jack Dorsey announced he's forming the Blue Sky team to help build and use decentralized social media protocols--and they will be on hand to meet the Decentralized Web community.

Up this month:

Evan Henshaw-Plath, founder of, a decentralized social media platform built on as an open protocol. It's ready for test flights and it's founder, also known as calls Planetary the "humane alternative to Facebook."

Edward West, founder & CEO of, an app that combines group management, messaging and collaboration built on

Matthew Hodgson, founder of the open source protocol upon which the chat app runs.

Burak Nehbit, founder & CEO of a
peer-to-peer network of self-governing, interest-based communities who
elect their own moderators. It's inspired by Usenet and Reddit, but
unlike them, it also attempts to provide not only a platform, but also
high-quality discussion on an ongoing basis.


6-7 PM Dinner and Science Fair-- meet the builders! (Pizza and Beer will be served)

7-8:30 PM Presentations and Q & A in the Great Room

8:30-9:30 PM More networking

Chip in 0 to cover the pizza and beer by buying a ticket today.


about Nightcore via @RadioK

I think it's the only way I'll want to hear 80s music from now on.



Looking for anything related to a hotel in Google Search sucks. Too many people chasing referral dollars. Search for 'hotelname city' gives me:

- Google provided 'Related to Hotelname' onebox of 8 hotel images/links
- Google provided onebox of 'Your related activitiy' showing me images of my other hotel searches.
- Big KP on the right rail, with booking and more (dupe) images of the same hotel.
- Favicons.. oof
- Stars, lots of star ratings. 12 to be precise.
- 3 entries with related searches, plus a related searches link at the bottom.
- Love the use strikethrough "Hotelname City 7 (-70-) Hotel deals

I ended up asking friends for advice...


Converted my withknown instance from docker to podman. Replaced docker-compose with a pod. Upped Known version. Fedora 31 here I come...


Mich Gerber

Got into MIch back in the late 90s. Fantastic performer and does things with a double bass that you would not think possible.

If you're in Switzerland I highly recommend checking out the Sadly it won't be with Imogen Heap like this clip, but it will be very, very good.


Formatting a KML file?

Hey, anyone know if there's a tool that will take a KML file and generate a pretty HTML file with a little map for each layer followed by a list of locations with the title/description/photos?



My wife Julie passed away from breast cancer last month. Today I published her obituary in the Star Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, the Rochester Post Bulletin and at

We knew right away that we completed each other and fell deeper in love for 27 years. She meant everything to me.

Thank you for bearing witness to Julie’s life, for the condolences and for honoring Julie's memory.



Culture and Information Flows

This article covers medical organizational contexts. I believe the information flows and how it relates to culture are transferable across industries and disciplines. Also relevant in the need-to-know world we find ourselves in..

From the Conclusion:

The culture, then, represents those habits of thought and action by changing the culture, virtually everything can change—trust, openness, confidence, and even competence. A generative culture will make the best use of its assets, a pathological one will not. This is what the theory predicts, and what the case studies show. But it still remains to be determined whether culture has systematic impacts along the lines we have sketched on a broader scale.If it does, then we need to pay more attention to the forces shaping the culture of our medical teams and medical organisations. We need the benefits and relative immunity that a good human envelope implies.


Local Grungy People

This post below is a copy of a Sep 17, 2014 post from the internal Google+ Team community.

I'm reposting it because today I published an Obituary site that includes some of these discussed here. What I wrote today is just as import
ant today as it was back then.

Mediating and initiating local and human connections are needed now more than ever.

[I'd also say that we need preservation too, I'm fortunate to be able to relive these memories, compared to MySpace or Snapchat users.]

Anyway, here it is after 5 years....

Subject: Local Grungy People?

...and the importance of serendipity, locals and shared interests.

warning longish philosophical post ahead...

I thought the pre-TGIF Social Presentation was weak, but it did contain one very important quote there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet. If I were presenting I'd dump almost all of the mechanics about how we suck at onboarding and just tell a story about that.

Tell a story about how we go from sharing an interest to sharing your entire life together. Tell a story about how we're going to help users with this basic need to connect, and how Google can use technology to mediate this. Tell us how Google can provide just the right amount of serendipity that helps people connect on a personal level. (and then provide the rest of the infrastructure to do the private/personal thing too.)

Because that's my story. It's how a shared interest became love and a wonderful life spent together, due to mailing list: GRUNGE-L

Back then there were no profiles, but there were .signatures. So serendipitously I found myself discussing bands with someone a few miles away. Until one day I made the personal connection and sent the following email.

The rest, as they say, is history

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 92 13:04:43 CST
Subject: Local Grungy people

Hey, are there any other people from Minnesota besides you and myself
on the wonderful grunge-l mailing list?

I'm always interested in putting a face onto an e-mail address. I'll
probably be at the Babes in Toyland Show saturday, and the Local Band
showcase on Monday.


| Paul Lindner | | "You have to Spit
| | Computer & Information Services | to See the Shine" --
| Gopher Dude | University of Minnesota | Babes in Toyland
///// / / / /////// / / / / / / / / //// / / / / / / / /


@zshapiro @StarTribune @sfchronicle @PB_News Thanks Zack, many good memories of our time together at hi5.

Also that job meant we could afford a house in Oakland, which make Julie very, very happy.


@mkruz @jflindner Thank you, I was very fortunate to have someone that helped me find the beauty that exists in people and everyday objects.


@alexhanna @metavivor @BCAction Thank you, it's hard to express how much good she brought me and the people around her.


@metavivor @BCAction Check out Julie’s follow list if you want to get some of her style in your feed, including Dog, Design, Lit, or Minnesota Music Twitter.

Thank you for bearing witness to Julie’s life, for the condolences and for honoring @jflindner's memory.

Paul & Gus.


Instead of flowers Julie would want you to support your local live music or arts venue and the artists they serve. Donations should go to your local animal rescue group or metastatic breast cancer organizations like @METAvivor and @BCaction.


Julie always kept her connection to the Minnesota music scene and loved the new wave of conscious hip-hop personified by @doomtree, @yeahrightpos, and @dessadarling. To the end she never missed their live shows.

[and proudly wore gear]


Julie is survived by her husband Paul, her parents Al and Yoma, her brother John and aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends and family too numerous to list but not forgotten.

DM me to learn more about celebrations of life in Mantorville and Minneapolis at @BryantLakeBowl


@BNPPARIBASOPEN Despite the side effects she managed to reunite multiple dogs with their owners, sponsored the @Milo_Foundation Horse Sanctuary, and made sure abused animals got the surgery they needed at @Friends4Lifeorg @nationalpyr and other rescue groups.


In 2015, Julie was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Through the treatments she focused on spending quality time with family and friends. She took trips to where she enjoyed the warm weather, modern design and tennis tournaments.



In 2008 Julie made the trip across the bay to a tranquil, midcentury-modern house in the Hills. She tastefully restored the house and filled it with her own unique, quirky, minimal style. Tommy, and then Gus, became fast friends with the deer, turkeys and neighbor cats.


@MontreuxJazz @LeZooUsine Arriving in in 1999 Julie embraced the industrial live-work aesthetic at her new home in the Lighthouse Lofts. Her passion for local organic food and agriculture would find her at Farmers Markets and dining al-fresco with her adopted Great Pyrenees Tommy.


The next few years Julie explored the world. Trips to Ecuador found her hiking the Andes and dancing on bartops. With cats stowed in carry-on she started life in Geneva, enjoying music festivals, @MontreuxJazz and modern design. Fondue, and shows at @LeZooUsine became the norm.


After meeting at a @FirstAvenue New Band Showcase they could be found regularly at The Uptown, 7th St Entry, the 400 Bar and other venues sharing their passion for local music. In between shows Julie expertly restored their craftsman house in Southeast Minneapolis.


In 1992 she married Paul Lindner, having met on an email list devoted to “Grunge” music six months prior.

[ the full story about how Paul & Julie met on GRUNGE-L at ]


Always a friend of animals in need Julie rescued her beloved kittens Doc and Gordo, found Peach on her doorstep and adopted the elder angora Boz.


Having landed in Minneapolis she immersed herself in the local art and music scene, lived in Uptown and followed the burgeoning careers of @Prince @TheReplacements and @TheSuburbsBand